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X10 single desk without modesty panel 1

X10 single desk without modesty panel

X10 pg 00 FINAL 2

X10 pg 00 FINAL

X10 detail 1.JPG 3

X10 detail 1.JPG

X10 pg 01 FINAL   Copia 4

X10 pg 01 FINAL Copia

X10 pg 06 07 FINAL   Copia 5

X10 pg 06 07 FINAL Copia

X10 pg 08 09 FINAL 6

X10 pg 08 09 FINAL

X10 pg 10 11 FINAL 7

X10 pg 10 11 FINAL

XW M1 p38 39 8

XW M1 p38 39

XW M2 p58 59 9

XW M2 p58 59

Zenith wood 1a 10

Zenith wood 1a

Zenith wood 1b.JPG 11

Zenith wood 1b.JPG

Zenith wood 4.JPG 12

Zenith wood 4.JPG

Zenith wood 7   Copy.JPG 13

Zenith wood 7 Copy.JPG

Zenith wood 7.JPG 14

Zenith wood 7.JPG

Zenith wood Dubai 1 15

Zenith wood Dubai 1

Zenith wood Dubai 3 16

Zenith wood Dubai 3

X10 single desk without modesty panel1 X10 pg 00 FINAL2 X10 detail 1.JPG3 X10 pg 01 FINAL   Copia4 X10 pg 06 07 FINAL   Copia5 X10 pg 08 09 FINAL6 X10 pg 10 11 FINAL7 XW M1 p38 398 XW M2 p58 599 Zenith wood 1a10 Zenith wood 1b.JPG11 Zenith wood 4.JPG12 Zenith wood 7   Copy.JPG13 Zenith wood 7.JPG14 Zenith wood Dubai 115 Zenith wood Dubai 316

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This desk is a triumph of finesse and manual flair, a sculptural and enveloping top with curved wood, tamed by artisan craftsmanship.
The soft lines and refined finishings of the legs and top express a design that is pondered, yet of immediate effect.
X10 distinguishes itself due to its proportions, which enable precision and perfection, culminating in functional and aesthetic comfort.

Also available with leather inlay, the textured and rich pairing of wood and hand-sewn leather brings to life contemporary compositions that are well suited to prestigious executive interiors and boardroom meetings, conveying a cosmopolitan managerial style.

Also available in the meeting table version, in different sizes and compositions.


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